Standard Membership

Our basic membership allows you to come and play anytime.

Full Membership

Enjoy discounted drinks and table deals from Monday to Thursday.

VIP Members

For 'Top Dogs' up to 50% off drinks, reduced table rates and a free hour every week.

Student Membership

We all know how poor students are - that's why we offer this great deal.

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Pre register for your membership now and you can enjoy all the benefits of your chosen level straight away.
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Table Hire 

(renew within 30 days after expiry £5)


Table Hire

10% Off Drinks

Monday to Thursdays. 1-6pm £10 table hire

(renew within 30 days after expiry £10)


Table Hire

10% off Drinks

Monday to Thursdays. 1-6pm £10 table hire

Monday to Thursdays. 1-6pm 50% off Drinks

Student Only Deals

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Memberships Can Include

Discounted Play
Join and enjoy members only offers and even greater savings available exclusively for VIP's
Drinks Deals
Join now and enjoy members only drinks deals and special offers
Capped Rates
Table rates capped to a maximum of three hours. Play on after and it's free.